All baa-aamaa products are rich in ten essential amino-acids.

Low Fat, Lactose Free Milk

  • It contains valuable nutrients, like amino acid.
  • As concerns lactose intolerance, We use lactose free milk.
  • Milk is good for the growth of dog’s bones and teeth.
  • Very low in fat which reduce dogs heart disease
  • Methionine

    Methionine is a form of methionine, an essential amino acid that helps strengthen and maintain a pet’s muscles.

    Strong Muscle


    Cysteine cysteine is an amino acid that helps nourish your pet’s skin and coat and supports your pet's muscle development and maintenance.

    Skin & Coat Health


    Lysine monohydrochloride is a source of the essential amino acid, lysine. It is needed to help support your pet’s muscle development and maintenance.

    Strong Muscle


    Histidine is responsible for keeping a normal PH of 7 in the body. It also helps to shuttle oxygen around the body.

    Shuttle Oxygen


    Isoleucine is recommended for body building.To boost up the energy level.

    Boost up energy Level


    Leucine is promotes the growth and recovery of muscle and bone tissues, also help in growth of hormone.

    Growth of Hormone


    Phenylalanine is plays a key role in biosynthesis of other amino acid.

    Other Amino Acid


    Threonine is supports central nervous. Cardiovas cular liver and immune system functioning.

    Central Nervous


    Tryptophan is for healthy sleep and stable mood.

    Stable Enjoying Mood


    Valine is promotes muscle growth and tissue repair.

    Muscle Growth & Tissue Repair