Baa-aaMaa’s Drying Systems for Dog Treats

A Drying System for Dog Treats Using Humidity Control at Low Temperature.

Drying and maturation processes are widely used in food production, but a scientific approach has not so widely been applied. Humidity control of food is often achieved by regulation of the R.H. (Relative Humidity) and room temperature, taking into account the water evaporation inside the food matrix according to the air velocity.

We have developed the state of art cold drying technology for Human Grade Dog treats . This Technology is so hygienic and result in retain their original colour, texture, and organoleptic properties of the final product.

It is scientifically proven that microbiological growth should be nil when food is drying at control humidity at low Temperature.

Traditional Un- Hygienic Smoke Dry or Sun Dry Method of Nepal manufacturers.

Smoke Dry Dog Treats of Nepal having micron size ashes particles on product surface.

Traditionally, Non technical manufacturers with no any Drying facilities, Dry the Dog Treats with Direct touch of wood smoke, charcoal smoke or up and down Sun light with high humidity at 15000fts above sea level.These Micron sizes smoke ashes presence in the final product , also these micron size ashes are not remove by any way of washing due to trapped in texture of treats. These small particles of ashes may possibility of choked up in critical organs of Dog while chewing the Treats which cause illness or even death to Dogs.

Also uncontrolled Sun temperature and high humidity makes the space to grow the microbiological bacteria and fungus in the products which is dangerous for Dog Health.

It takes almost sixty days to dry the Dog Treats. It is very much important to dry the Dog Treat products with proper scientific way to avoid any microbiological growth in final products.