Baa-aaMaa’s Nuggets

Baa-aaMaa’s Dog Chew is a traditional hard cheese also known as Churpi in the Himalayan Range . It consumed by the people of Himalayan regions of Nepal and Sikkim of India. who have known about the nutritional and dental benefits of yak/cow milk for centuries. It is produced in the mountains at more than 15000 feet, using the ancient recipes of the Himalayas with all natural products mainly lactose free milk.

Products are low fat, high protein, non GMO, Gluten free, Grain Free, No preservatives, No Artificial colours and flavours, No Binding Agents ,and Soy Free.

It has high nutrient values, long lasting Dog Chew which enjoy your loved pet for hours.
How to use baa aaMaa’s Nuggets in microwaves ?

Nuggets are smalls 1cm to 3 cm size uneven shape small bites.

Microwave these bite on medium heat for 37 to 100 second depending its sizes.

These bites converts into soft and crunchy puff while microwaving. It is a good source of protein for any size of dogs . Serve these crunchy bites to dogs on room temperature.

Guaranteed Analysis

Parameters Analysis
Ingredients Milk & Lime Juice
Protein Min.: 72 %
Fat Min. 1 %
Ash Max. 5 %
Moisture Max. 13 %
Good for Dogs Weighing Serve to any size of dog from small to large

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