Dog Weight Product Name
Less than 25 Lbs(11.25Kg) baa-aaMaa’s Tougher Miniature
baa-aaMaa’s Tougher Small
baa-aaMaa’s Stronger Miniature
baa-aaMaa’s Stronger Small
baa-aaMaa’s Nuggets of Himalaya
20-50 Lbs(9-22.5 Kg) baa-aaMaa’s Tougher Medium
baa-aaMaa’s Stronger Medium
baa-aaMaa’s Nuggets of Himalaya
40-80 lbs(18-36 Kg) baa-aaMaa’s Tougher Large
baa-aaMaa’s Tougher Big
baa-aaMaa’s Stronger Large
baa-aaMaa’s Stronger Big
baa-aaMaa’s Nuggets of Himalaya
80 + Lbs(36 + kg) baa-aaMaa’s Tougher Heavy
baa-aaMaa’s Tougher Giant
baa-aaMaa’s Stronger Heavy
baa-aaMaa’s Stronger Giant
baa-aaMaa’s Nuggets of Himalaya
There are Ten essential Amino Acid like Methionine, Csteine, Lysine, Histidine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan, and Valine presence in the products. All these amino acid are most important for Dog Growth as well as necessary for all important body organs, bones and skin.
Baa-aaMaa’s all Dog Chews have a best buy date of four years. Although baa-aaMaa’s Dog Chews rarely go bad, if you see fibrous greenish blue spots or any fungus on the chew please discontinue use and contact us by email or phone and please have this information retained: size of chew purchased, batch number and where this was purchased. This is a sign of mold growth which may grow due to high humidity in your area. Please retain the chew in a sealed bag and we will guide you on what to do with it. In turn we will certainly send you a replacement chew.
Most dogs when swallowing hard pieces of our Chew, digest these pieces as naturally. However, if the piece of chew is too large, this could result in vomiting up the piece or causing a potential blockage as the piece will not have enough time in the digestive system to be able to break down fully before it needs to be expelled one way or the other. Non concerning pieces are generally small being the size of a dime or smaller and we have yet to hear about any issues with sharp pieces causing issues. This also varies however due to the size of the dog vs. the size of the chew. If you have any concerns on whether your dog has consumed too large of a piece, please notify us by contacting If you feel this may be a life threatening or serious issue, please contact your veterinarian immediately. We always recommend monitoring your dog for changes in behaviour including but not limited to: listlessness, vomiting, lack of eating or drinking and lack of bowel movements. We recommend doing what you feel is best for your dog being monitoring your dog or consulting with your veterinarian. With all this being said, the amount of instances seen with serious injuries have been very minimal and have always been the result of an extremely large piece swallowed which is never recommended. Even a single dog that is injured is too many in our eyes so please notify us if you have an issue or concern or comment and please retain as much information as you can including: size of chew purchased, batch no, where purchased, specifics of the concern, etc. As safety and quality are our top priorities, we rely on this information to help us evaluate our products, packaging, etc. and getting this information from you, we take immediate action in any complain. The customer is the best source to help us identify issues and updates.
After opening your Chew, store it in a cool dry place. If the chew sits in moisture or is resealed in a bag for more than an hour then this can cause the growth of mold. We recommend placing it for air dry only. Refrigerating is not recommended as this will result in moisture loss and will cause the chew to crack and become brittle.
Yes, All baa-aaMaa’s products are manufacture in its own facilities in Gujarat, India ,Sikkim, India and Kathmadu,Nepal Our facilities have ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP Certification .All the Products are made in Human Food manufacturing kind facilities with utmost care. We believe pets food quality is as important as Human Food.
All products of baa-aaMaa’s are made from cow, buffalo and Yak milk.
Protein content in our Chews is Min.70 %.fat Min. 1.0% and lactose is negligible below 0.9 %.
When your dog chews the chew down to a small "end nub" piece where you would normally waste it due to potential choking or swallowing hazards, Don’t throw this small piece,you can pop it in the microwave for 45-120 seconds (based on an 1100 watt microwave - add 10 second increments if not fully puffed) and it will puff up into a crunchy puffs. Just place the piece in the microwave (NOT recommended to put on a paper towel), puff up, let it cool for 2 minutes and your dog will have a new exciting edible treat for enjoyment.