Baa-aaMaa is a leading manufacturing company of pet food products by human edible grade ingredients especially from lactose free Milk. We believe that success is neither magic nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals. Our distinctive position is based both on the strength of our origination capability and our strong position in the destination markets worldwide. Our complete integration allows us to add value and manage risk along the entire supply chain from the origins to our valued customers. We are committed to providing employment, supporting the community and protecting the environment in our operation. We seek to create value, at every level, for our customers, investors and employee alike. We will continue to pursue profitable growth because; at baa-aaMaa we believe creating value is our business.

Our Heritages

Our Group has 40 years of experience in Milk and milk Products.

It was established in 1974 as a small family owned company at Gujarat, India, which has now business experience with range of Pet food Products, Milk Products and Agricultures Products. At baa-aaMaa each and every product developed with unique way in terms of Technology, Processing and its way of economy. Starting from the single dairy product, our Group now expanded its products portfolio in forward integration in daily products, pet food products and agricultural products.


Our experience starts at the origin. At the heart of our business is our origination activity, where our knowledge and expertise assists farmers and cow owners and provides us with a consistent supply of good quality produce. We believe in partnerships that are dedicated to long-term success for baa-aaMaa and our suppliers.

Worldwide Marketing

Our extensive network and integration within the supply chain enables us to provide our customers with timely, consistent and reliable supplies. This has helped us forge privileged relationships with the end users to whom we provide various value added services and customized solutions. Baa-aaMaa is committed to having the best people and technology to support our customers in effectively responding to opportunities and market developments.


The advance processing of products in the origin enhances baa-aaMaa’s origination strengths.

Adding value through research based processing is fundamental to our strategy and enables us to Provide the required quality for our customers on a consistent basis.

Baa-aaMaa have State of the art complete line set up to process milk for making pet foods products.

We believe in our own manufacturing facility, All our plants having Certification-Registration of ISO 22000:2005 ,HACCP, USFDA and all regulation of country requirement .

Baa-aaMaa is engaged in manufacturing pet food products made from lactose free milk.

Risk Management

Capturing and measuring risk is one of the fundamental capabilities of our business. We seek to identify, assess, measure and control risk exposure in each of our businesses and for the company as a whole through a number of market, operational and statutory risk reporting policies, systems and procedures. It is the alignment between the risk management framework, capital allocation process and performance evaluation and aligned compensation that influences behavior across our organization.

IT & Systems

With our diverse spread and complexity, information technology (IT) is a critical element that helps us reduce the complexity of managing a supply chain of all products from our supplier to end users. We have built proprietary and innovative IT systems to enable us to exercise effective control on a real time basis across the spread of our operations. This has helped the business units to get real time access to critical data on procurement, sales, risk, processing and logistics, financial and accounting systems.


At baa-aaMaa, Sustainability is not a distinct and separate activity, it’s the way we conduct our business. Sustainability initiatives are aimed at making a meaningful social impact in the communities within which we operate. Our Sustainability initiatives are inter-woven into our business model. We provide technical advice to milk farmers for better quality and quantity milk from the cow, giving transparent pricing to all farmers. We are committed to protecting and nurturing the environment around us. baa-aaMaa undertaken various initiatives in this regard.


At baa-aaMaa, we have developed an innovative business model and have successfully replicated and scaled this growth model across our all businesses. We will continue to focus on securing growth by expanding into new origins and markets, expanding our product portfolio and enhancing margins through deeper supply chain integration – we are developing new ways of serving our customers. Including offering value added services, which will capitalize on our strengths along the entire supply chain. We will continue to promote the baa-aaMaa brand as a mark of excellence. These factors will ensure baa-aaMaa prospers and that we continue to create value for our customers, investors and employees now and in the future.